Main Street Promenade

Sequoia was selected to construct a fifty five thousand square foot two story office-retail building (known as MSP-E) in downtown Naperville, immediately adjacent to the City public parking garage. The project scope included the tear up and complete reconstruction of Main St between Benton and Van Buren Streets. A unique feature of the structure is part of the first floor space was constructed under the elevated second floor level of the parking deck. The structure consisted of a steel frame, supported slab, with the exterior walls being structural studs, seven different brick types, and cast stone with curtain walls and windows. The mandatory 8 month schedule was attained through the second harshest winter (2013-2014) on record. Site logistics, to construct the building in downtown Naperville, was coordinated with Naperville Building and Public Works departments to implement multiple traffic and pedestrian detours and access routes to assure minimal public interferences. The architectural design of the façade was carefully integrated to compliment the façade features of its sister building 50 S. Main Street. Sequoia also built out retail spaces on the first and second floors whose businesses and presence were welcomed into the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Naperville
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Main Street Promenade Water Feature

BBM’s building management team is always striving to make their tenants happy to call the Main Street Promenade their home. One of the recently added amenities is a two story water feature surrounded by ever changing landscape plantings. The feature is centrally located in the building and flows from the third floor ceiling down to the floor level of the second floor through a glass railed opening between the floors. Sequoia constructed the structural supports, provided water fill lines and special water proofing prior to coordinating the feature installation. If you haven’t been in the Main Street Promenade recently you should take the center elevator up to the third floor to see the feature and while you are there stop by the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce to say hello and get a list of upcoming events.
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